Three community priorities guide our sustainable business practices, our community service activities and our philanthropic commitments:

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We champion sustainable forestry, water conservation, energy management and waste reduction.

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Our commitment to fighting hunger is reflected in the community organizations we support and the agencies with whom we partner.

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By educating tomorrow’s leaders, we build a pipeline of talent that will help shape GPI’s workforce of the future.

We partner with vendors that are actively owned and managed by minorities, women, veterans and members of the LGBT community. By doing so, we strengthen our supply chain and reflect the regions in which we live and work.


Preserving the Environment

Worldwide, we support conservation and recycling programs, and aid in the recovery of waterways like the Anoia River in Spain.

Since 2008, more than 54,000 students have participated in the PPC's TICCIT (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) program, which teaches sustainable forest and fiber management.

Working with the Girl Scouts of America, we created the GPI TICCIT badge. To earn it, Scouts learn about recycling, the paperboard industry and the life cycle of trees.

Putting Food on the Table

Around the world, our teams contribute to local food banks and community assistance organizations that provide meals to those in need. We regularly conduct food drives and provide meals for low-income or special needs families.

Investing in Education

Since 2005, more than 120 college-bound children of our employees have benefited from the GPI Scholarship Program.

Our people serve as mentors for Junior Achievement programs.

GPI Spain works with students at Gaspar Camps Design College, teaching about our industry in a Graphics Design course.