Title:  Press Operator

Requisition ID:  20680-159

Winston-Salem, NC, US, 27105

Category:  Hourly Production & Manufacturing
Travel:  No Travel Required




The Printing Press Operator is totally responsible for the complete operation of the press. This includes set-up, running, wash-up, maintenance, safety, housekeeping, quality control, production and coordination of work and/or training of the 2nd Press Operator and Helper. Apply QMS principles and techniques effectively.






  1. Direct 2nd Press Operator in mounting of plates with proper packing.
  2. Direct 2nd Press Operator in the set-up and loading of feeder. Check feed board and delivery set-up including swing gripper and side guide.
  3. Direct and assist in putting proper ink in fountain.
  4. Set impression cylinders for proper sheet squeeze.
  5. Set anti-offset sprayer to prevent ink offset.
  6. Direct and assist 2nd Press Operator in setting ink fountains and inking of rollers.
  7. Direct and assist 2nd Press Operator in positioning of the image in register and in the proper location on the sheet.
  8. Ensure proper set-up of the delivery to ensure adequate jogging of press sheets and set disc wheels.
  9. Present press sheet to supervisor for approval after assurance of correct position, copy and color match.
  10. set counter, place register mark on plates and follow O.K.’d sheet throughout entire press run.




  1. Maintain proper ink and water levels and printing pressure adjustments.
  2. Check ink color density with densitometer and maintain proper color to match O.K.’d sheet with the assistance of the 2nd Press Operator.
  3. Check to assure proper sheet register throughout press run.
  4. Direct and assure proper sheet register throughout press run.
  5. Utilize maximum running speeds allowed without jeopardizing quality.
  6. Determine frequency and direct all load changes.
  7. Direct and assist proper washing of any or all parts of press to maintain quality.
  8. Run proper quantity to insure delivery requirements as directed by Press Room supervisor.




  1. Direct and assist 2nd Press Operator in proper wash-up of press.
  2. Check and approve proper wash-up of ink fountain, ink and water rollers, blankets and impression cylinder of all units of press.
  3. Assure proper gumming of plates and/or water rollers as necessary.
  4. Obtain job jacket, determine necessary quantities and direct press crew in obtaining proper materials for the next job.




  1. Maintain accurate records of materials used and/or spoiled.
  2. Identify and assure proper condition of all unused materials to be returned to storage.
  3. Perform preventive maintenance on the press, including ink and water roller adjustments, proper house cleaning and all safety practices.
  4. Repair or assist Mechanic in all repair work on press.
  5. Train 2nd Press Operator to a degree of proficiency to maintain press operation during his/her absence.
  6. Train 2nd Press Operator to a degree of proficiency to assume 1st Press Operator position on seven-color when necessary.
  7. Perform other related duties as directed by supervision.





Prerequisite in order of selection from job posting.


  1. Twelve months prior experience as a 6 Color Coater 1st Press Operator.
  2. Twelve months prior experience as a 6 Color Offset 1st Press Operator.
  3. Twelve months prior experience as a 4 Color Offset 1st Press Operator.
  4. Twelve months prior experience as a 7 Color Coated 2nd Press Operator.
  5. Twelve months prior experience as a 6 Color Coated 2nd Press Operator.
  6. Twelve months prior experience as a 6 Color Offset 2nd Press Operator.




Lifting and Carrying – required frequently throughout the work day at an average pace.

Items lifted/carried – Press parts, rollers, ink cans and pallets  –  some in strained positions.


Maximum weight lifted/carried                               - 21 - 50 lbs.

Maximum weight lifted/carried occasionally        - 21 - 50 lbs.

Maximum weight lifted/carried frequently           - 21 - 50 lbs.


Pushing and Pulling – required frequently throughout the work day at an average pace.

Items pushed/pulled – hard jack with pallet of row stock or printed stock  – some in strained positions.


Maximum weight pushed/pulled                                 - 51 - 100 lbs. of force

Maximum weight pushed/pulled occasionally          -51 - 100 lbs. of force


* Occasionally  - up to 1/3 of normal work day

   Frequently    - 1/3 to 2/3 of normal work day

   Continuously – 2/3 to a full work day




Activity &  Duration

Standing – Occasionally on your feet without moving about.

Walking  - Continuously about on foot

Climbing – Occasionally up and down ladders, stairs, ramps.

Stooping - Frequently bending downward and forward by bending the spine at the waist.

Kneeling – Occasionally bending knees or coming to rest on knees.

Crouching – Occasionally bending downward and forward by bending legs and spine.

Balancing - Frequently maintaining body equilibrium.



Activity & Duration – Left and Right Hand


Simple reach upward – Frequently reaching up within normal range.

Extended reach upward – Occasionally reaching up exceeding normal range.

Simple reach outward – Frequently reaching out within normal range.

Extended reach outward – Occasionally reaching out exceeding normal range.

Simple grasp – Occasionally grasping without pressure (no fingering).

Firm grasp – Frequently grasping with pressure (no fingering).

Fingering – Frequently manipulating objects with fingers only.

Machine hand controls – Occasionally using handles, knobs, or levers.




Activity & Duration


Far vision – Frequently required to see object clearly beyond 20 feet.

Near vision – Frequently required to see objects clearly within 20 inches.

Depth Perception – Frequently required to judge distances and relationships between objects


Field of vision – Frequently required to see an area up and down or left and right with eyes fixed on one point.

Color vision – Continuously required to identify and distinguish color.

Hearing – Continuously required to perceive the nature of sounds by ear.

Talking – Frequently required to express ideas through the spoken word.

Feeling – Frequently perceiving attributes of objects – size, shape, texture.




  1. Trade knowledge in a single area of technical competence – understand and use shop manuals, diagrams, etc. – solve math problems independently.




  1. Special precautions necessary to prevent lost-time accidents to others.
  2. Read, understand, and follow all safety rules and practices. Report hazards, unsafe conditions, and unsafe actions.


ATTENDANCE REQUIRMENTS:    Regular attendance is required.





  1. Several disagreeable conditions exist due to the manufacturing processes, but only one or two continuously present – dirt, lint, odors.


Because of the changes which may occur in manufacturing processes, methods, or because of quality and productivity requirements, management reserves the right to add to, alter or change the duties and responsibilities of the job.




Required Experience

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Nearest Major Market: Winston-Salem

Job Segment: Equipment Operator, Manufacturing